This page contains some of the projects I have worked on.


Startup (2021)

Clanica is a robust email delivery service, equipped with an easy to use SMTP service and Email API, enabling you and your business to send all kinds of emails, from transactional to newsletter and marketing emails.


Opensource (2021)

Erb SMTPd is a multi-worker SMTP server written in PHP. It has support for plain text, Opportunistic TLS (STARTTLS) and Implicit TLS communication.


Side Project (2020)

CoinChaser is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracking software. It can be used to track your coins, tokens, and assets all in one place. CoinChaser gives you an overview of your holdings one place.


Startup (2017)

Rapid2FA was an API service provider for businesses and enterprises to implement 2FA on their website without writing any code. Rapid2FA supported SMS OTP, Email OTP, traditional TOTP and had support for backup codes.