Areeb Majeed

I am a Web Developer an Avid Programmer an Internet Entrepreneur

Areeb and I have done work in many different fields, he still manages to amaze me each time with his unique ideas, he's really patient and gives you something even better than you imagined. For me, a coder with passion and dedication is important, I've not once seen Areeb lack those two. What makes him a really good choice to work with is his fair prices. Totally recommend him!


I started working with Areeb in July 2016, after SwissAdsPays (a Swiss company) purchased Areeb’s gambling script.

No job was ever too big for Areeb and the speed at which he worked was amazing. SwissAdsPays requested hundreds of changes to the basic script and then purchased a license for a second copy that needed extensive modifications.

The minor bugs could be counted on one hand and were always fixed quickly.

When my relationship with SwissAdsPays ended in November, 2016, I purchased my own copy of Areeb’s gambling script and, once again, had a long list of enhancements that I wanted made. These were completed in a very timely manner with no problems.

I then purchased Areeb’s unique CoinToss game on the basis that it would be fully integrated into the gambling script. This was achieved in a matter of just a few days and has been running solid ever since.

About one week after launching my own faucets, I purchased the two faucets from SwissAdsPays and needed Areeb to make another round of changes to suit the way I wanted to operate the script.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Areeb or any of his software products.

Chuck Rademacher

As always, Areeb does an outstanding job. His experience and patience has always led to improvements.

Jorge Luis Gonzalez Laureano

My friends know that I'm a perfectionist and that I need a certain level of professionalism when doing anything. Areeb here has met those requirements and even exceeded them by doing the work exactly how I requested it and more. Furthermore, the work he did on my projects did not end there, with him providing continued support whenever issues arose. Even though he may get the job done fast, it won't be bug-free. Then again, the only software which is bug free is the one that doesn't do anything. Also worth to mention his ever-present availability, even at weird hours, he gets the job done fast.

So, if you need something custom, tailored to your needs, Areeb is the coder you need.

Wow, that one rhymed unintentionally.

Ivan A. Levente

I found this service on Google and after adding Areeb to Skype, he helped me with the full installation of the script. I really recommend his service, and great & fast support!

Jacky Moens

I've been working with Areeb since 3 years now. Every time he manages to deliver the project at reasonable rates and before deadlines. I recommend Areeb to everyone who requires a reliable developer!

Hasan Nawaz

Areeb has been the best developer I have come across so far. He developed my website (e-commerce) well within the deadline and budget. Besides just the core code, it looks beautiful as fairy tails as well. 10/10 would chat again.

Hardik Manktala

Thank you for the service. Areeb is fine at displaying his work along with supplying what he promises (actually, more than that). I am really satisfied with his scripts, they always please me. Cheap, fast and reliable.

Martin Hartz

Great Service and great support! I recommend this to everyone. I like his work. Areeb is very helpful and listens carefully to your needs.

Joel Hughes

I have purchased the Extended Version and I had a few problem with getting the script installed.

Areeb was very helpful in his advice to get the script install, he replied to every question I had and his replies was very fast.

My problem was my hosting never had some of the modules needed to get the script to work, but after talking to Areeb, I moved to my own VPS server and installed all the modules he suggested and now my site is up and nearly ready to roll just working on a new design before I am ready to take members.

If you are thinking of buying any script, I highly recommend Areeb and his scripts and the support you get from him.


Areeb is one of the best coders I know. I love what he makes. I have used 2 of his scripts and I'm completely satisfied. His work is robust, flexible, secure and easy to use. I highly recommend it!


I was looking for a good, cheap and user friendly script and I searched so much, but I couldn't find any. Quanta Rotator is simple, easy to use and budget effectively. The script is coded very well and runs smoothly. Very satisfied with Areeb's work.


Areeb is a highly talented developer and innovator. He's committed to his work which shows in the quality of software he delivers. I'm working with Areeb since 2016 on various projects and he never fails to amaze me.

Rod Warren surprised me with their script and support. The whole process went very fast, they keep their promises and always help when you have problem with the website. I recommend to anyone. Thanks to Overfeat for the great support!


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