Using R-Rindle is pretty easy. We've a simple and systematic way of advertising system. We've a several types of advertisements for users to earn on ranging from traditional PTC to Video Ads and Grid Ads, and much more.

To advertise, you can choose from a number of packages to advertise and there are a number of ways to advertise ranging from PTC to Video Ads and Grid and Login Ads and many other ways. Before you advertise, you'll have to convert your earning balance to advertising balance or simply deposit money via any accepted payment processor. Finally, you have to convert your advertising balance to credits as they help you to advertise. You then have to choose things and advertise. Finally, you have to confirm your advertisement for any frame-breaker sort of stuff. Once passed through it, advertisements may go in circulation absquatulatly or wait for admin approval.

Users can earn easily with PTC, Directory Ads, Video Ads and other types of ads. Furthermore, there are also some offer-walls accepted at the site and they help an user to earn much more.

We made our site simple and efficient. Whenever you advertise at R-Rindle, you receive bonus in the forms of stars. These stars are used to receive other advertisers' ads that you can click and earn money out of them. R-Rindle is simple and straightforward for advertisers and users. Advertisers receive quality ads and stars in bonus for advertising with us. Our ad-package starts as low as $1 and each package offers 30 unique visits. Ads are issued right away to the users and within one to two days, it's completed, however sometimes it takes only few hours while on other days, it might even take upto three days. It basically depends on your user activity.

Stars are a form of in-site currency that allows you to receive value ads (real value ads; explained below). Basically, the more stars you got, the better level you have and bigger value ads you get.

Everyday, we send stars worth 30 to 60 along with 5 to 10 of them. However, we also skip one or two days week to make sure that our system runs properly and stays in control and doesn't run in losses. The most easiest way of gaining stars is to invest in the system and buy ad-campaigns. This way, you promote your site and stars (which get converted into value ads over time).

Gaining stars is ridiculously easy and can be done by clicking daily credit ads or simply investing in the system and creating campaigns.

Account Revenue Levels range from 0 to 9. These levels basically determine the type of value ads you get. The higher your rank is, the better your ad-values be. Account Group/Levels are also determined by the amount of stars you've.

Level 0: to (Stars)
Level 1: 12000 to 60000 (Stars)
Level 2: 60000 to 180000 (Stars)
Level 3: 180000 to 600000 (Stars)
Level 4: 600000 to 1800000 (Stars)
Level 5: 1800000 to 6000000 (Stars)
Level 6: 60000000 to 180000000 (Stars)
Level 7: 180000000 to 60000000 (Stars)
Level 8: 60000000 to 300000000 (Stars)
Level 9: 300000000 to 1000000000000000 (Stars)

You can also use the forums and support-center to get in contact with us.