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revShareTube has been built for YouTube users and video makers. When you advertise, you get bonus credits and you use them to receive others' videos and watching and earning from them.

Spend $1 and get credits worth $1.50 back!


revShareTube makes it ridiculously easy to make money out of watching videos. You receive Credits in your account, and those credits get you paid videos; Once, you watch those video ads, your account gets credited with money.

For every ad (on which you spend $1), you get 1500 credits worth $1.5. The more you watch, the more your ranks go up. The highest rank (Level: 9) receives biggest ads.

You can also purchase account upgrades and referrals to increase your earnings.

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revShareTube as an advertising platform, our aim is to bring your videos in front of more people. We're dedicated to improve your video reach, and more make sure that your videos perform good. We aim to deliver stunning results.

For every ad (on which you spend $1), you get 1500 credits worth $1.5. These credits then allow you to receive others' videos and earn money. In this case, you spend and keep earning, more and more.

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1. Brasel
Last 24 earnings: $60.000
2. devperso
Last 24 earnings: $30.000
3. testbota
Last 24 earnings: $280.000
Last 24 earnings: $210.000
5. chandyd
Last 24 earnings: $0.000
6. advan
Last 24 earnings: $0.000
7. huzef
Last 24 earnings: $0.000
8. hundred
Last 24 earnings: $0.000
9. matic
Last 24 earnings: $0.000
10. testbot
Last 24 earnings: $0.000
1. admin
Referrals: 19
2. dante14k
Referrals: 0
3. Maty015
Referrals: 0
4. matic
Referrals: 0
5. hundred
Referrals: 0
6. huzef
Referrals: 0
7. advan
Referrals: 0
8. chandyd
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