Using qSurfer is quite easy. Here, we're going to explain the site's earning methods in a laconic manner.

qSurfer is a simple traffic exchange service which delivers free traffic to your website to boost its statistics, earnings, popularity and rankings. The site's working aspect is ridiculously easy: You visit others' websites, they visit yours. That's how, it works! It's a win-win situation in all cases.

When you start surfing, you can leave the page open and do other of your works (as it is an autosurfer and not a manual surfer). You just need to leave the web-page open while our automated system does the real work. While you surf, your account gets credited with a in-site currency called credits.

You can then topup your website with credits to receive traffic. You can further buy new account memberships, buy credits and buy banner and login-ads to increase your site's reach.

You can also use the forums and support-center to get in contact with us.