Areeb Majeed

I am a Web Developer an Avid Programmer an Internet Entrepreneur

My name is Areeb Majeed and I am a web developer. I've a burning passion for web development and I love to code. I spent most of time coding, while my interests include Physics, Designing, Writing (to name a few). Currently, I spend my time working as Lead Developer for Overfeat Private Limited. I am also available for interesting projects; feel free to get in contact if you've an idea that I might be interested in.

I started messing around with the things on internet as soon as I received my first computer, and started making websites at an age of 14. As a teenager, I spent hundreds of hours nourshing my skills. I've around 4 years experience in developing websites. With that being said, I focus to keep up with the new trends in the market and nourish my skills as much as possible. I've a large client base from locally, to across United Kingdom and all over the world.

My relation with my clients start with full collaboration and understanding. I learn about my client, their needs and goals; throughout the process, I help my customers in setting up the things, understand them, where things are and where they are leading. Trust is necessary for success.

I help to pave the way for my clients. I believe, involvement of the client in the development process from start to end is crucial for the site's success. I set to involve myself in the industry to find answers and deliver the best results to my clients. I am powered by the great relations between me and my clients.

I am a dependable web-programmer with a rich knowledge, and I can be trusted through with my work. I've put some my work at the portfolio page. However, it only shows a little number of projects I've done so far. As a developer, I can code complete websites, take jobs to modify existing websites, resolve code bugs, remove website viruses and then secure your code to make sure that it doesn't happen again in future. If you are unsure if the I have the skills to build your website, please feel free to contact me.

That's all, folks!