Who am I?

Areeb Majeed

Hello, I’m Areeb Majeed and I’m a PHP learner, mainly interested in web developing and WordPress. My interests include NodeJS, Git, PHP, WordPress, Game-Developing, Writing & Blogging and Physics (mostly Astrophysics).

I live around Kashmir and I work remotely as a freelancer. I’ve a great interest in developing things for WordPress. My passion lies in creating awesome web-based products and services. That’s why, I’m learning PHP as of now.

Also, I like writing, mostly related to Internet and Technology. And, I almost forgot that GitHub helped me start learning PHP. So, a mention to them won’t probably hurt.

As I already stated that I’m a freelancer, I wouldn’t mind working for you. My services are budget-effective yet high-quality and I deliver my promises on time to make sure that you have a great experience.

You can learn more about Areeb Majeed just by reading other pages of this website.

Last updated on Friday, October 31, 2014