Areeb Majeed

I am a Web Developer an Avid Programmer an Internet Entrepreneur

I am Areeb Majeed

I love to create websites. I like to chat about them.
Lots of Code

I love to create nice and beautiful websites. I stand on the sweet spot where frontend and backend development blend.

Well Crafted

I promise great code with beautiful design. The websites I develop are crafted carefully to thrive in the competition.

Free Hugs

As soon as the project finishes, my relationship with the client starts. Along with the project, I also deliver free hugs.

My relation with my clients start with full collaboration and understanding. I learn about my client, their needs and goals; throughout the process, I help my customers in setting up the things, understand them, where things are and where they are leading. Trust is necessary for success.

I help to pave the way for my clients. I believe, involvement of the client in the development process from start to end is crucial for the site's success. I set to involve myself in the industry to find answers and deliver the best results to my clients. I am powered by the great relations between me and my clients.

About Me

Hey, I am Areeb and I am a web developer. My job is to create websites and code. I always love to deliver work to my clients with great passion.

I've a rich 4 years experience in developing both frontend and backend systems. With that being said, I focus to keep up with the new trends in the market and nourish my skills as much as possible.

I create websites that supercharge your business with full verve; I love to deliver websites with unchallengeable performance. With top-notch code, you'll be ready to kickstart your business.